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Brief Introduction of IBC Liner

IBC liner is a newly developed package for non-hazardous liquids storage and transportation with intermediate outer box such as collapsible Paper IBC, collapsible steel IBC(box), plastic IBC etc.

Specification of IBC Liner

Shape: Pillow & cube

Capacity: 800L-1400L(800L, 1000L, 1200L, 1400L)

Customized liner to match with various outer box is available

Loading/Unloading type: Top load & Top discharge(TLTD), Bottom Load & Bottom

Discharge(BLBD), Top Load & Bottom Discharge(TLBD)

MaterialPE, Nylon, EVOH, Aluminum

Spout2’’ Spout


Low packaging and purchasing cost

IBC liner can save 50-80%cost in packaging compared with traditional liquid container.

High-efficiency in operationsuitable for middle and small size liquid cargo transportation.

Easy to load and discharge within 5 minutes convenient and labor saving.


Customized liners according to different boxes and one-on-one professional design service is supplied.

Safety and Sanitation

The food-grade material of low density polyethylene can load the food-grade liquid without any contamination.

The packaging is disposable free from cleaning and conforms to requirements of food packaging. 


1)Chemicals: Adhesives, Emulsion, Latex, Lubricants, Grease, Engine Oils, Detergents etc. 
2)Food: Soy Sauce, Juice Concentration, Edible oil, Milk Product, Sour Cream, Sweeteners etc. 
3) Powder, Vegetables and Fruits.