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Main material introduction of Flexitank(Flexibag)

The main material of inner bag for ADA Flexitank (Flexibag) is PE: made from 100% pure, brand new polyethylene raw material. In accordance with FDA and the regulation of the EU food packaging, it does not contain any carbon black impurities.

The main material of outer bag for ADA Flexitank (Flexibag) is PP: the outer bag is produced by cylindricalstructure polypropylene woven cloth with brand new raw material and highstrength wear resistant. High-strength polypropylene fiber reinforcement can be added according to customers’ requirements, which can increase the intensity ofthe whole outer bag. It plays a more reliable protection for the filled cargo in the Flexitank (Flexibag).

The valve of ADA Flexitank (Flexibag): Our self-developed special valve is produced by high-strength material. The lower flange adopts the built-in steel keel to increase strength. The cross broad-brimmed design is to prevent adsorption, which can discharge quickly and cleanly. The ball valve and butterfly valve could bear the temperature from -20℃ to 80 ℃. Under the pressure of 8 kgs, the sealing load of ball valve can be used normally without any leakage and crack. All these help ADA has higher degree of safety in the current Flexitank (Flexibag) industry.

The imported premium card paper is adopted into ADA Flexitank (Flexibag) bulkhead, which is handled with special moistureproof technology. Plastic bulkhead and soft bulkhead can be provided. According to the usage requirements, it can be devided into shipping bulkhead, railway bulkhead and road bulkhead, which have to be used with their own steel frame structures respectively, to make sure the double protection of the transporting cargos. ADA Flexitank (Flexibag) has passed the AAR (TTCI), which shows 24CBM liquid in ADA Flexitank (Flexibag), with special designed railway frame structure and bulkhead, is powerfully impacted for 6 times continously in a certain speed without any damage and leakage. All the index meet the COA requirements.