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The Installation Process of ADA Flexitank (Flexibag)

  1. 1. Choose a container in good condition as possible as you can.
  2. 2. Inspect and clean the container carefully. The nails and sharp bumps on the container floor must be cleared away and cover the places where maybe damage the Flexitank (Flexibag) by thicker cardboard.
  3. 3. Place corrugated paper
  4. 4. Put Flexitank (Flexibag) into the container
  5. 5. Unfold Flexitank (Flexibag) and make sure the unfold Flexitank (Flexibag) is in middle of the container.
  6. 6. Place steel bars and put the paper tube as requested.
  7. 7. Fix bulkhead. The little white plastic bulkhead should be put inside of the bulkhead.
  8. 8. Close the left door and attach caution label.
  9. 9. Start loading
  10. 10. Close valve and put on the protective cap after loading finished.
  11. 11. Close the right door, and be ready for transportation