Oil Flexitank

2016-08-29 12:25:00

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ADA Oil Flexitank (flexibag)

Introduction: Oil flexitank (flexibag) is the fastest growing products in the flexitank (flexibag) industry. Because of the expensive transportation cost and clean cost, more and more people choose the flexitank (flexibag), instead of tank. Besides, the flexitank (flexibag) is more environmental and much cheaper. The inner PE liners are different from the ones in other types of flexitank (flexibag), which can bear the temperature at 70 ℃. According to the different transportation requirements, flexitank (flexibag) can be divided into double layers (1+1) , three layers (2+1) , four layers (3+1) and five layers (4+1)

Application: Lubricants, oil addictive, transformer oil, white oil, tung-oil, glycerin, coconut butter, hydraulic oil, gear oil, ricinus oil, high fatty acids and oleic acid.

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