ADA Food Grade Flexitank

2016-09-30 17:35:17

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ADA Food Grade Flexitank (Flexibag)

Introduction: Food grade flexitank (flexibag) satisfies the customers who want to transport consumption products. Material can reach the standard food grade to ensure the safe use of the product. According to the different transportation requirements, flexitank (flexibag) can be divided into double layers (1+1) , three layers (2+1) , four layers (3+1) and five layers (4+1), which can transport the liquid products under 70 ℃. Customized flexitank (flexibag) is also available.

Application:Wine, Edible oil, All kinds of concentrated fruit juice, Food additives, Sorbitol, Palm oil, Soy, Rice wine, Spring water, Malt extract, all kinds of syrup, etc.

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