ADA Collapsible Square IBC

2016-11-16 10:09:24

Details :


Paper IBC is short for Intermediate Bulk Container. It is used to transport non-hazardous liquid products or edible liquid food products. Our new Paper IBC is made of high-density corrugated folding outer carton and sterile food-grade PE-liner for the inner with wooden pallets. The size is available within 500 liters up to 1200 liters.


  1. Economical and enviromental. Low cost without cleaning or returning freight cost.
  2. Safe and strong. Strong outer bag with liners in it to ensure safety of liquid storage and Transportation.
  3. Operate easily. One person is enough.
  4. Wide application. Customized IBC for different products to suit the needs of non-hazardous liquid transportation.

Exclusive Technology:

  1. Compared with singe octagon carton, we combine inner octagon with outside square. It has better compression resistance and stability. Its maximum load-bearing can reach 8 tons.
  2. Special anti-shake design ensures the safety when being used.
  3. Special waterproof treatment makes IBC safer and easier.
  4. Uses High-strength paper tray and fumigation wooden pallets for export.
  5. ADA does not only  produce liquid IBC, but we also produce all kinds of fruit boxes for our clients, which is for export only.

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